Funeral Choir

At Funeral Masses, in addition to a cantor, we also have our Funeral Choir, which is comprised of volunteers who are free during the day.

Some of our members also sing with the our other ensembles, and we’re always in need of more people who are available and enjoy singing with others. Even if you can’t join join us every time, please consider having your name added to the call list, and you’ll be alerted when we have a funeral.

Due to the nature of funerals, there is a standard music line up that changes infrequently; however, families may request appropriate hymns that were favorites of the deceased or the family.

Funerals usually start at 10:00, however, other times may be requested by the family. When a funeral is scheduled, a cantor, organist, and all the members of the Funeral Choir are called. There will be a practice,
usually 30 minutes before the funeral is scheduled to start, to review the music selections, if possible (sometimes the viewing is held in the church prior to the funeral.)

If you are interested in joining the Funeral Choir, please call the church office at (570) 842-4561 or email the Director of Worship/Liturgy at