Accompanists & Instrumentalists

We have several musicians who serve as accompanists for our Masses & Services: Erica Castaldo, Mia Beviglia, Gina Beviglia, Marie LaRosa, and Paul Lukasiewicz.

We also have many instrumentalists who perform with us to enhance our music at holidays, feasts, and special liturgies. Our typical instrumentation includes 2 flutes, 2 violin, 2 trumpets, and timpani, in addition to piano/organ.

Regular Instrumentalists
Julie Lukasiewicz, Flute
Amy Sekol, Flute
Sarah Jackson, Violin
Amanda Kloss, Violin
Ryan Hughes, Trumpet
Sean Hughes, Trumpet
Janelle Decker, Timpani

Additional Instrumentalists
Ed Wargo, Flute
Jessica Beckish, Violin
Wesley Fenstermaker, Violin
Nathan Kroptavich, Violin
Kevin Kreinberg, Trumpet
Rebecca Franco, Trumpet
Will Rennekamp, Trumpet
John Andrews, Timpani
Steve Kurilla, Timpani